I currently work as research scientist at:

University of Extremadura, BADAJOZ (Spain)

I also belong to:

- Atmospheric Physic Group, University of Granada, GRANADA (Spain)

- Geophysics Centre of Évora, University of Évora, EVORA (Portugal)

Please feel free to contact me by e.mail: mananton(at)unex.es


UV Index and UV-B solar measurements at Valladolid University, Spain

Different meteorological and solar variables are being monitored and recorded in outdoor conditions by the Atmosphere and Energy Laboratory, through the research Project “Ultraviolet solar radiation, measurements, models and series reconstruction”, (CGL2011-25363), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. The measurement station is located at the Science Faculty of Valladolid University, Spain, whose geographical coordinates are, (41º39’48” N; 4º42’20” W; and 705 m asl). The UV Index is evaluated every 5 -min from the erythemal UV-B irradiance and total ozone column measurements.
Values of air temperature, solar broadband global and ultraviolet -B horizontal irradiances, and UV-index are shown graphically online, in real time, at the following web page: