I currently work as research scientist at:

University of Extremadura, BADAJOZ (Spain)

I also belong to:

- Atmospheric Physic Group, University of Granada, GRANADA (Spain)

- Geophysics Centre of Évora, University of Évora, EVORA (Portugal)

Please feel free to contact me by e.mail: mananton(at)unex.es


The European Brewer Network

The COST Action ES1207 coordinates Brewer spectrophotometer measurements of total ozone column, spectral UV irradiance and aerosol optical depth (AOD) in the UV range within Europe. The main objective of this initiative is to unite the ozone, UV and AOD European communities through a formally network (EUBREWNET) capable of delivering a consistent, spatially homogeneous European data resource.

A Brewer ozone spectrophotometer open congress will take place in Tenerife 24-28 of March 2014. This event is a joint collaboration of EUBREWNET and WMO-GAW Brewer Users Group and will focus on operational, scientific and technical issues of the Brewer instrument.

More information at: